Mathematics and English Contests

At Toronto Academy of EMC, we strongly advocate for fostering a healthy and positive sense of competition among students, as we firmly believe it propels them to unlock their full potential. In line with this belief, we organize the Epsilon Mathematics Challenge on an annual basis, catering specifically to high school students in Viet Nam. As an additional demonstration of our commitment, our school serves as the proud financial sponsor of this prestigious contest.

In addition to our support for the Epsilon Mathematics Challenge, we are delighted to have also sponsored the 2022 Annual English Debating Contest in Bien Hoa, Viet Nam. By extending our sponsorship to diverse academic competitions, we aim to create an inclusive environment that encourages students to explore various fields and enhance their skill sets.

Over the course of our short history, we have had the privilege of awarding more than 80 cash prizes and scholarships to commendable students. By acknowledging their achievements, we hope to instill a sense of pride and motivation, inspiring them to continue striving for excellence in their academic pursuits.

Through the Epsilon Mathematics Challenge and Annual English Debating Contest, we not only promote healthy competition but also foster an environment that nurtures personal growth and development, while equipping participants with essential skills for their future endeavors.

Our commitment to sponsoring the Epsilon Mathematics Challenge and the Annual English Debating Contest exemplifies our dedication to empowering students and supporting their educational journeys. We firmly believe that such events have a transformative impact, serving as catalysts for inspiration and motivation as students strive for academic excellence. 

Please click the button below to try out some of the actual questions that were given on the Epsilon Mathematics Challenge.