EMC School Calendar--Septerber 2022-June 2023

School year of EMC is divided into 4 semesters, each consists of approximately 45 instructional days.  Each student who is enrolled in a full-year program from grades 9 to 12 will take a maximum of 4 individual credits courses during each of the two consecutive semesters.

September 2022-June 2023 Calendar


Start Date

End Date



Monday, September12

Friday, November 4



Tuesday, November 8

Tuesday, January 31



Monday, February 6

Tuesday, April 18

Feb 20, Family Day,

April 7, Good Friday


Monday, April 24

Wednesday, June 28

May 22,

Victoria/Patriots' Day

* There are no days off for the Lunar New Year, Jan. 22, 2023, but there is a Lunar New Year celebration on Jan. 21.

                                                                        Daily Class Schedule

Each school day during a semester will consist of exactly 2 Periods and a Lunch Break. Each period consists of 180 minutes of instruction for a single credit course. Throughout a given semester, a student will have the exact same courses at the same times during every school day.

                                                                     Morning class time 9:00-12:00pm
                                                                     Lunch time 12:05-12:55pm
                                                                     Afternoon class time 13:00-16:00pm