Toronto Academy of English, Mathematics, and Coding



Toronto Academy of English, Mathematics and Coding, or simply EMC, is a newly established private school providing relevant, high-quality education for students from grades 9 – 12 based on the Ontario Secondary School Curriculum.

Our school is founded and run by a University professor and three Ph. D students. We are a group of educators who are very passionate about helping students to achieve their academic objectives and career goals.

As implicit in our school’s name, English, Mathematics and Coding are our main areas of focus. Consequently, our program of studies in these areas will be of the highest caliber. Especially, in the subject areas of Mathematics and Coding, we have an impressive group of teachers and program advisers who possess an in-depth and thorough knowledge of the curriculum topics being presented. In addition to these three subject areas, we also offer many other credits courses that are required for the Ontario Secondary School Diploma.

Regardless of the subject areas, all of our teachers at EMC have been carefully selected not only because of their qualifications and past records of effective teaching, but also in their enthusiasm and love in communicating their subject matter.

It is our conviction that teachers who are passionate about their teaching can then instill in their students the necessary motivations and desire for lifelong learning. And through this process of continual learning and exploring new ideas that our students can strive to realize their full potential. Indeed, our school’s motto “Teach for love. Learn for life” is a reflection of this conviction of ours.


Teaching is not simply a process by which information is imparted from the teacher to the students. While giving students some of the fundamentals in the subject is commendable, its importance is minor relative to the overall objective of teaching.

To us, the most valuable aspect that students come away with from a genuine education is the ability and habit to think critically.

Thinking critically includes questioning all assumptions and evidence for consistency, reducing complex situations to simpler ones, drawing analogies between seemingly different problems, differentiating between essential and non-essential “data”, recognizing common methods that can be applied beyond a particular context, making inferences from concrete situations to more general ones.

In the age of Google and Facebook, from Apple Siri to Amazon Alexa, the enormously expanding amount of raw data that exists makes it all the more necessary to develop a habit and the skill for critical thinking. The student who has learnt to think critically would have acquired the essential life-long learning skills which are far more meaningful than any known facts, formulas or theorems.

Providing an environment where critical thinking skills and habits are constantly practiced and encouraged is one of our primary endeavours.


At EMC, we believe in going the extra mile to help our students reach their fullest potential. Our staff is made up entirely of members who have been actively engaged in the education sector. As such, we command a thorough understanding of the various aspects of the Canadian education system.

By joining our school, students can rest assured that they are receiving the highest quality in education and a realistic, detailed guidance on future career goals and objectives.



B. A, M. Sc, Ph. D

Dzung is currently a professor in the Department of Mathematics at Ryerson University. He has been teaching mathematics at various universities in Canada and abroad for the past 25 years. He is widely known to his students as a gentle professor who gives easy exams and even easier assignments. Dr. Dzung did his undergraduate studies at York University, obtained both his Master of Science and Ph.D in Mathematics from The University of Toronto. He is a chess enthusiast and plays the guitar when in the mood.



B. Sc, M. Sc

Phuc completed his Bachelor of Science and Master of Science at Ryerson University. Phuc worked as a teacher assistant during his second year as an undergraduate student and went on to work as a graduate assistant after he completed his undergraduate degree in Mathematics with a minor in Chemistry. He is currently a PhD student at Guelph University. His area of study is Mathematical Biology.



B. Sc, M. Sc

Marvin is currently a PhD student in Applied Mathematics at Ryerson University. He holds a Masters of Science degree in Applied Mathematics, and an undergraduate degree in Applied Mathematics with a specialization in Economics. In addition, Marvin has been a Teacher Assistant for over five years at multiple Universities.



B. Sc, M. Sc

Chris grew up in Toronto, where he was born. He is currently a PhD student studying Applied Mathematics specialized in biology. He has both his Master’s and Undergraduate degrees in Applied Math, the latter of which he completed with a minor in Physics.
Chris is an avid programmer and regularly uses C, Fortran, Python and Mathematica. He has experience as a teaching assistant, researcher and tutor.


B. Eng, M. Eng, Ph. D.

Dr. Saeid Samiezadeh received his PhD at Ryerson University and has completed a Postdoctoral Fellowship at The University of Toronto. His areas of research are Biomaterials and Computational Modelling in Orthopaedic Biomechanics.


B. Eng, M. Eng, Ph. D.

Alireza has PhD in Mechanical Engineering (Computational Mechanics) from Ryerson University. He is currently working as an instructor and a researcher in the department of mathematics at Ryerson University. Dr. Alireza has more than 4 years of experience in teaching various courses of mathematics at University level.


B. Sc, M. Sc.

Nisha has a BSc in Applied Mathematics and an MSc in Applied Mathematics with a focus in Optimization from Ryerson University. She has over several years experience as a private tutor and 2 years of experience as a Teaching Assistant at Ryerson University.
Passionate about improving the local community by providing accessible tutoring in underprivileged neighbourhoods, Nisha has volunteered as a tutor for non-profit organizations delivering free tutoring for students of low income families.
As of recently, she works in Corporate Finance at a top five Canadian Bank.


B. Sc, B. Ed, M. A.

Cuong has had extensive teaching experience with the Toronto District School Board. He has been teaching mathematics at Earl Haig Secondary School for the past 30 years. He obtained a B. Sc from The University of Western Ontario (1985), B. Ed from The University from Toronto (1990) and an M. A from York University (1993).


B. Sc, M. A.

Oskar has a B. Sc At Ryerson in Applied Math with an option in Computer science, and an M. A at York University in Pure mathematics. I have been a teaching assistant at both York University and Ryerson University. I will be starting my Ph. D program in mathematics in Fall 2020.


B. Sc, M. Sc.

Nhan T. Tran is a passionate educator in the field of computing and technologies with industry experience. He has a B. Sc and an M. Sc in Computer Science with a focus on Robotics, Artificial Intelligence.
Since 2015, Nhan has been a popular sessional lecturer Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada. His pedagogical approach has resulted in course redevelopment, and implemented modern tools for all the courses he teaches.
Beside being a doctoral candidate, he uses his multidisciplinary experience to mentor technology start-ups, tutor undergraduate students, and in his spare time develop internet of things trinkets. In addition to being technologies obsessed, he is also a husband and a father.


B. Sc, B. Ed, M. Sc.

Pavel has an MSc Mathematics (Applied Mathematics and Scientific Computing) from the University of Guelph, a BMath Applied and Pure Mathematics from the University of Waterloo, and a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed). Some of his passions are Matrix Analysis and Complex Analysis. He is also particularly interested in HPC (High Performance Computing), programming in Python, C, and Fortran.
Pavel has had good experience as a teaching assistant and tutor, and he had conducted lectures and labs with over 300 students.


B. Sc, M. Math.

Lucy was a student at McMaster University in the Honours Actuarial and Financial Mathematics program in 2013. She obtained her B. Sc. in 2017. She pursued her graduate studies at the University of Waterloo and was awarded her Master of Mathematics degree in June of 2019. Her area of studies were in data science, machine learning, deep learning, data exploratory, data visualization, large-scale data analysis and database management & use.


5145 Steeles Ave West. Unit A202
Toronto, Ontario M9L 1R5
English/Vietnamese: (Viber, Zalo, Whatsapp)
Dr. Dzung Ha: +1 416 882 6571
Ngo Phuc: +1 647 667 2479
Andrea Lam: +84 933 245 217
Chris Chow: +1 647 284 4844