Mathematics Terminology Diagnostic Test

To ensure that all our students will be given the best opportunity to succeed in our school, we have designed a mathematics terminology diagnostic test for all  our non-domestic students.  The primary purpose of this test is determine if a student is adequately equipped to read and comprehend  mathematical terminologies at the appropriate level  in the English language. Based on the student’s performance on this test, our staff at EMC will formulate an individualized study plan to help the student improve his/her reading skills in mathematics in the shortest possible time. Below are some sample questions from our diagnostic test.

  1. Give an example of a quadratic equation having -2 and 1 as its
  2. The ratio between two positive numbers is 1.5. If the
    larger number is 10, what is the smaller number?
  3. Find all value(s) of the constant b so that all three lines 2x-y=1, x+2y=2 and x+y=2b will pass through a common point.