OSSD Program

The Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) is awarded by the province of Ontario, Canada, to students who fulfill the graduation requirements and successfully complete the secondary school curriculum. The OSSD serves as a vital qualification for students aspiring to pursue post-secondary education or enter the workforce. Achieving the OSSD entails completing compulsory and optional credits in various subject areas, along with meeting additional criteria such as community service involvement and passing a literacy test.At the Toronto EMC, we provide a full range of high school courses approved by the Ontario Ministry of Education for students in grades 9 to 12. By enrolling in EMC, students earn the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD), conferred upon them by the Ontario Ministry of Education.

We warmly welcome students from diverse backgrounds and countries worldwide to join our vibrant community. As members of the EMC family, our students join a cohort of ambitious individuals aspiring to pursue higher education in major universities across Canda, the United States, and beyond. 

EMC is dedicated to the success and achievements of our students. We offer an extensive array of resources and support services to ensure that each student has the necessary tools and guidance to obtain their Ontario Secondary School Diploma and gain admission to their preferred university.

In Ontario secondary schools, the credit system is implemented, whereby students earn one credit upon completion of a subject as mandated by the curriculum. To obtain the OSSD, students must accumulate a total of 30 credits, reflecting their successful completion of a variety of subjects.

At EMC, we take pride in our commitment to educational excellence and nurturing the academic growth of our students. Our experienced educators, comprehensive curriculum, and supportive learning environment pave the way for students to achieve their educational goals and thrive in their future endeavors.




                                   OSSD credit requirements

  1. Thirty credits (18 credits of compulsory courses + 12 credits of elective courses)
  2. Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT). 
  3. Forty hours of community volunteer service work

During grade 10, students in Ontario are administered the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test. This test evaluates their English reading and writing skills. If a student does not pass the initial test, they have the opportunity to retake it until grade 12. In the event that a student still has not successfully passed the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test by grade 12, they can fulfill this high school graduation requirement by completing an additional English credit course before graduating.

For international students, the Canada School Board recognizes high school courses completed in their home countries. However, they are only considered equivalent to a maximum of 23 credits in the Ontario Secondary School system. The remaining 7 credits must be completed within Canada. Furthermore, students whose native language is not English are required to meet English Proficiency Test standards, such as IELTS or TOEFL, in order to satisfy admission requirements for Canadian and American univers




                                                  CREDIT DETAILS

18 Compulsory Credits

The 18 compulsory credits consist of 15 credits from the first column of the following table and 1 credit from each  of the following 3 groups.




12 Elective Credits

The 12 elective credits including Accounting, Business, Economics, Electronics ESL, Classical Research, Theater, Family Research, Geography, History, International Language Research, Law, Marketing, Music and Visual Arts, etc. Elective credits are mainly designed for preparing students to decide on their career direction in college and universities.

Placement Tests 

At Toronto EMC, we utilize placement tests to assess the appropriate level of classes or programs for our students. As part of our commitment to ensuring every student's success, we have specifically developed a mathematics terminology diagnostic test for non-native students. The main objective of this test is to determine whether students possess the necessary skills to understand and comprehend mathematical terminologies at the appropriate level in the English language.

By evaluating the student's performance on this diagnostic test, our dedicated staff at EMC will create a personalized study plan tailored to enhance the student's mathematical reading skills within the shortest timeframe possible. This individualized approach aims to provide targeted support and guidance to help the student improve their comprehension of mathematical concepts in English.

Please find below our mathematics diagnostic test, featuring a range of sample questions for students to test their comprehension of mathematics terminologies in English.