OSSD(Grades 9-12)

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The Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) is a diploma awarded by the province of Ontario, Canada, to students who successfully complete the secondary school curriculum and meet the province's graduation requirements. The OSSD is typically required for students who wish to attend a post-secondary institution or enter the workforce. To earn the OSSD, students must complete a certain number of compulsory and optional credits in a variety of subject areas, as well as fulfill other requirements such as community service and passing a literacy test.

Toronto Academy of English, Mathematics and Coding (EMC) offers high school and summer courses designed and inspected by the Ontario Ministry of Education for grades 9-12 students. EMC graduates are awarded the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) by the Ontario Ministry of Education.

We welcome all of you to become a member of our diverse class of students from countries across the world and become one of the many candidates who aspire to pursue higher studies in highly esteemed American, Canadian, United Kingdom, and Australian Universities.

EMC is committed to helping our students succeed and achieve their goals. We offer a wide range of resources and support to ensure that all of our students have the tools and support they need to complete their Ontario Secondary School Diploma and get into the university of their choice.

Ontario secondary schools implement the credit system。 Students earn one credit for completing a subject as required. 30 credits are needed to obtain the OSSD diploma.

                                                        OSSD credit requirements

  1. 30 credits (18 credits of compulsory courses + 12 credits of elective courses)
  2. Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT). Those who fail OSSLT can take Ontario Secondary School Literacy Course (OSSLC) to fulfill the requirement of OSSD. Those who fail OSSLT can take Ontario Secondary School Literacy Course (OSSLC) to fulfill the requirement of OSSD.
  3. 40 hours of community volunteer service work

The Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test is conducted when students are in grade 10 to test students' English reading and writing skills. If a student fails the first exam, then this student can retake this examination until grade 12. If a student still has not passed the English test in grade 12, then this student can meet this high school graduation requirement by taking an additional English credit course  before graduation.

For international students, Canada School Board admits graduation certificates from many countries, but only equivalent to a maximum 23 credits. The other 7 credits have to be completed in Canada. Students whose native language is not English also need to pass English Proficiency Test such as IELTS, TOEFL to meet Canadian and American university admission requirements.

                                                            CREDIT DETAILS

18 compulsory credits consist of 15 credits from the first column of the following table and 1 credit from each  of the following 3 groups.

Compulsory Credits (15 credits)


Group 1 (1 credit)

Group 2 (1 credit)

Group 3 (1 credit)

English (4 Credits)

English or French as a Second Language

Business Studies

Science (Grade 11 or 12)

Math (3 credits)

Social Science and Humanities

The arts

Computer Studies


Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Technology, etc.) (2 credits)

Native Studies

Health and Physical Education


Technological Education

Arts (1 credit)

Classical or International Language

French as a Second Language

French as a Second Language

Canadian Geography (1 credit)

Canadian and World Studies

Cooperative Education

Cooperative Education

Canadian History    (1 credit)

Guidance and Career Education



French as a Second Language (1 credit)

Cooperative Education



Health and Physical Education (1 credit)




Civics (0.5 credits) and Career Studies (0.5 credits)




Third language ( Mandarin counts 1 credit)




  • 12 selective credits including Accounting, Business, Economics, Electronics ESL, Classical Research, Theater,   Family Research, Geography, History, International Language Research, Law, Marketing, Music and Visual Arts etc. Selective credits are mainly designed for preparing students decide on their career direction in college and universities. Students can select courses offered by school based on their own interest.



Overseas junior high school

Grades in Canada

Credits transferred

Credits earned in EMC

Years to graduate

Grade 8

Grade 9



3 years and 6 months

Grade 9

Grade 10



2 years and 6 months

Grade 10

Grade 11



1 years and 6 months

Grade 11

Grade 12



8 months

Grade 12

Grade 12



6 months


                                                                        Placement Tests 

Placement tests are exams that are used to determine which level of a class or program a student is suitable for. To ensure that all our students will be given the best opportunity to succeed in our school, we have designed a mathematics terminology diagnostic test for all our non-domestic students. The primary purpose of this test is determined if a student is adequately equipped to read and comprehend mathematical terminologies at the appropriate level in the English language. Based on the student’s performance on this test, our staff at EMC will formulate an individualized study plan to help the student improve his/her reading skills in mathematics in the shortest possible time.

Below is the diagnostic test which holds many example questions for students to check and try out.

                                                         Mathematics Test     English Test