Toronto Academy of English, Mathematics and Coding, or simply EMC, is a private high school*, accredited by the Ontario Ministry of Education, providing high-quality education for students from grades 9 -12 based on the official Ontario Secondary School Curriculum.

EMC is run by two professors (supervisors of M. Sc., Ph.D students and post-doctoral fellows) in the Department of Mathematics at Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson University) and three young researchers in mathematics who have received or are about to receive their Ph.D degrees from Canadian universities. The administrative team together with the teachers at EMC are very passionate about helping students achieve their academic objectives and career goals. 

At EMC, English, Mathematics and Coding are our focus areas, with experienced faculty providing the highest calibre of education.


*A full list of Private Schools on the Ministry of Education’s website can be downloaded below: https://data.ontario.ca/dataset/7a049187-cf29-4ffe-9028-235b95c61fa3/resource/6545c5ec-a5ce-411c-8ad5-d66363da8891/download/private_school_contact_list_oct2022_en.xlsx

Click the above link and search for "Toronto Academy of EMC" or "886229" or open excel file here.


We have an impressive team of teachers and program advisers who possess an in-depth and thorough knowledge of teaching and the Ontario secondary school curriculum. All the courses offered by EMC prepare students for admission to universities in Canada and the USA. All teachers are selected carefully and have high quality and effective teaching experiences, some of whom are teaching at Ontario universities.

It is our philosophy that educators who are passionate about their teaching can provide students with the necessary motivations and desire for lifelong learning. Through this process of continual learning and exploring new ideas, students at EMC can strive to realize their desires and maximise their potential.

The motto of EMC: "Teach for love. learn for life" is a reflection of this belief.