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Elmira Abbasi

Dr. Elmira Abbasi holds a PhD in Applied Mathematics. ‌Her Bachelor's major was 'High School Teaching Mathematics', which is designed to teaching Mathematics specifically to high school curricula. She is a former postdoctoral scholar at the Faculty of Mathematics, University of Toronto. She has over sixteen years of experience in teaching Mathematics to high school and university students.
She is committed to fulfil her pedagogical responsibilities in teaching Mathematics and Physics to young students with utmost care and passion.

Marvin Hoti

Dr. Hoti holds a Ph.D degree in Applied Mathematics at Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson University) and has been extensive teaching experience for over five years at multiple Universities.

Christopher Chow

Chris completed his Bachelor of Science and Master of Science at Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson University). Chris completed his undergraduate degree in Mathematics with a minor in Physics, and his M.Sc. degree in Applied Mathematics. He is currently a Doctoral candidate at York University. His area of study is Mathematical Biology.

Brian Ross

- Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) - York University

- Celpip Level 1 and 11 - Paragon Testing Enterprises

- TESL Canada Certified - Canadian Centre for Language and Cultural Studies

- Teaching Business English - Canadian Centre for Language and Cultural Studies

Geoffrey Canie

Geoffrey attended the University of Waterloo where he read Latin and Greek, graduating with an Honours Arts Degree. He then volunteered, as a Latin and Classical Studies catalyst teacher, for the Toronto District School Board in the alternative education program. Afterwards Geoffrey worked in China for over a decade holding positions from kindergarten teacher, instructor in a teacher’s college, to IELTS instructor. In the later capacity he worked as a head teacher, and teacher trainer. Geoffrey earned his adult ESL teaching diploma (OCELT) from the Toronto District Schoolboard, where he did his teaching practicum. Subsequently, Geoffrey has worked in Toronto as an IELTS and TOEFL instructor, as well as in the Pathway Program, training international students in English for Academic Purposes. Fluent in Mandarin, Geoffrey is a grammarian whose areas of interest include informal logic, rhetoric, and literary theory.

Sean Spriggs

Work Experience:
TESL Canada 2010 Hansa Language Center, Toronto, ON; Certificate in the Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Trinity College, London, England.
Undergraduate Teacher Training Certificate (TTC) (College).

I have 32 years of cumulative experience working as an English Teacher in various parts of the world. Recently, as an ESL Teacher in Toronto, my primary focus has been teaching children and adults the Global Standard of English program from beginner to intermediate levels following the Canadian Language Benchmark standards.
● 14 years experience teaching ESL students ranging from kids to adults.
● Teaching students the Global Scale of English at all levels.
● Educating students in the four basic skills of English: listening, speaking, reading and writing.
● Preparing students for the International English Language Testing System by upholding the Canadian Language Benchmark standard.
● Students are taught the foundation of grammar concepts, vocabulary power, Q Skills for reading, listening and speaking, all components of ESL books from Oxford University Press.
● My classes conduct speaking powerpoint presentations using smart applications and have always been used as a promotion for new students during the orientation process.


Quang Nam Pham

Nam Pham is an Ontario Certified English Language Teacher (OCELT) and holds a Ph.D. in Technology in Education and Second Language Acquisition from the University of South Florida in the United States. He has more than 15 years of experience working with English language learners across a variety of ages and contexts. He has taught General English, English for Academic Purposes, English as a Second Language, and IELT Preparation courses in Vietnam, United States and Canada.

Sophie Luu

● Master of Teaching – Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of
Toronto (2021)
● Honours Bachelor of Arts in English Literature, Minor in Creative Writing and Journalism – Bishop’s University (2019).
● Additional Basic Qualifications in English and Drama
● Additional Qualification in Teaching English Language Learners

One of my passions in life is working with children and adolescents. I have taught and worked at ESL Language Camps for children and adolescents in the past and have truly loved getting to know students from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds. One of my greatest joys in life is connecting with young people and creating memorable experiences with them on their language learning journeys. I believe that “language has no boundaries,” and that communication starts from the human connection that we build with one another.

Kimberly Truong

   2021 -Wilfrid Laurier University Waterloo, ON
● Bachelor of Education (BEd)
● Junior/Intermediate
● Science - General
2019 - International Open Academy
● 120-Hour TESOL 2019 - University of Waterloo, ON
● Bachelor of Science (BSc)

I am an animal lover (especially cats) and a huge foodie. I enjoy playing video games, watching anime, travelling, and exercising


Olivia Sierakowski

Olivia completed her Hons. BA from the University of Toronto in English, with a double minor in Classical History and Theatre in the fall of 2020. She published her poetry in Vol. 4 for the school journal, With Caffeine and Careful Thought in 2018. She is an avid reader from Shakespeare to Gothic literature, and enjoys writing poetry or hiking in her free time.

Sofia Jelovac

● Nipissing University Bachelor of Education (Sept. 2020-present)
● University of Toronto Honours Bachelor of Arts with High Distinction (Sept. 2014-June 2019), Sociology and Socio-Cultural Anthropology

● TEFL 120 Hour Certificate University of Toronto (completed May 2019)

Hello! My name is Sofia and I was born and raised in the beautiful city of Belleville, Ontario. I am a student at Nipissing University completing my Bachelor of Education. From a young age, I have been passionate about becoming a teacher and helping others achieve their goals and dreams in a meaningful and supportive manner. I have had the pleasure of teaching English to primary and middle school students in Jinan, China. When I am not teaching English online with my wonderful students, I can be found biking around my city or exploring a local forest. I am also a travel enthusiast with a passion to immerse myself in different cultures, cuisines and languages in countries all over the world. My favourite type of food is fruit, and my goal is to try every single fruit in the world on my travels. So far, my favourites are passion fruit, jackfruit and feijoas. I can’t wait to be your ESL teacher. See you in the classroom!

Monty Hack

Hi everyone! My name is Monty and I am from New Zealand. I live in Canada with my wife. I have completed my Bachelor's degree majoring in both Language and Business. I am currently enrolled in university to become a full time teacher, and I have completed my 168 hour TEFL certification. I have a passion for learning and creating a friendly and positive classroom environment. I look forward to seeing you in my classroom!

Sarah Awahd

Greetings! I’m Sarah, and I’ve been teaching English as a Second Language and English for Academic Purposes for the past six years. I completed my Bachelor’s degree from the University of Oregon and while I was there, I had to complete English courses to develop my language skills. I know how tough learning a second language can be, so I try my best to design activities that are fun and engaging. I completed my Master’s in Professional Education in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) in 2016 at Western University - which brought me here. Finally, I love to travel and I’m an avid fan of Harry Potter – any other fans out there? I look forward to teaching you in this term!

Cashmeira Dove Tyson

Hi! My name is Miss Tyson. I teach upper level science subjects like chemistry and biology as well as grade 10 science at Toronto EMC. I have a passion for the sciences, and I share my love of science with students by teaching in an enthusiastic way. In my classroom, it’s important to explain scientific concepts using as many learning styles as I can to ensure all students can understand lessons.

Alireza SayyidMousavi

Dr. Alireza completed his Ph. D in Mehcanical Engineering at TorontoMetropolitan University, (formerly, Ryerson University) in 2006. He is aReserach Fellow and Instructor im Applied Mathematics at TMU. Dr. Alireza has been teaching mathematics and physics for EMC for the pastthree years .

Kevin Bailey

Kevin is an Economics graduate who transitioned into InformationTechnology early on in his career, with over 20 years of industryexperience, ranging from systems analysis, to design and development,working with a range of technologies. He has taught Computer Scienceat the high school level for both iGCSE and AP candidates. He is currently in the process of obtaining an IB teaching certification. He is passionate about technology and enjoys anything related to aviationsuch as sailplanes and paragliding.

Chuting Cao

Chuting Cao has an M. Ed from the University of Missouri, USA and a BA in Arts from, Beijing, China. She also has Teacher Training Certification, Louvre Museum, France, 2017 and Visual Thinking Strategies Training Certification, Museum of Modern Art, USA. She was a keynote speaker at the STEM Education Academic Forum in 2020, and a keynote speaker at TIDE 2019 International Teacher Development Conference, a lecturer and workshop facilitator at renowned art institutes including Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, Hangzhou Normal University, Shanghai Normal University, and Zhejiang International Studies University from 2018 to 2022.

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